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Poetry Workshop 

with West Virginia poet Patsy Kisner
The Songs Within Ourselves

This workshop will focus on developing one’s particular and unique poetic voice, whether a beginning poet or an experienced writer. 

Poetic voice refers to particular elements used by the speaker in a poem. This makes it clear to the reader that the poem belongs to a particular person.​  The style an author uses when writing is unique to each author, but some poets have a more defined voice than others. The poetic voice is the person behind the words.

Part 1 

1:00 PM to 1:50PM - Introduction, discussion, and presentation

Part 1 will include a review of the basic elements of poetry, such as style, syntax, diction, sound, and shape and discussion on how employing these elements distinguishes our voices.  We’ll also look at some sample poems of poets with very distinct styles and discuss what it is that draws us to our favorite poems.

Break  -  1:50PM to 2:00PM


Part 2

2:00PM to 3:00PM - One's own poetic voice 

Part 2 grants workshop participants a special time to focus inwardly, locating the path to their poetic voice. Generative exercises will be shared to help seed new poems.  

About The Author

Patsy Kisner is the author of a poetry collection, Last Days of an Old Dog, and a poetry chapbook, Inside the Horse’s Eye, both from Finishing Line Press. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in journals such as Still: The Journal,
Appalachian Journal,  Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, Forge, Modern Haiku, Shelia-Na-Gig, and Spoon River Poetry Review.
Her work has also been selected for inclusion in The Red Moon Anthology,  and the Women Speak  anthologies.  She and her husband, Phil, live on a farm in West Virginia. They are the parents of two children, Mary, now deceased,
and Maria, who lives with her family nearby.


For more information about the author please visit:

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